Here’s How Much Trump Is Paying Omarosa, Kellyanne Conway, And Sean Spicer To Lie For Him Each Day

The average American makes about $50,000 a year – and too many Americans scrape by on much less. So how much does Trump pay his staff? According to the public filing of payroll released by the White House, an absurd amount, apparently.

Since taking office, Trump has staffed his White House with a number of unquestionably unqualified people – including former reality tv stars. His only job requirement is that they be loyal to him – and he measures that loyalty in how well they lie for him on television. The most opportunistic of his staff has risen to that challenge and he subsequently paid them handsomely for the job. Of Trump’s staff, a few people stick out for the ridiculous amount of money they make for doing, essentially, nothing:

Omarosa, who was hired by Trump because she appeared on “The Apprentice” with him, makes $179,700 per year. It’s entirely unclear what she does exactly. Likewise with scandal-laden Seb Gorka, who gets paid $155,000 but legally can’t do the job Trump hired him for because he’s so shady that intelligence officials wouldn’t give him security clearance. Instead, he hangs out at the White House and collects a paycheck.

Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer both get paid the same $179,700 that Omarosa does, but that money covers not only their jobs and expenses but also their human dignity. Both Trump staffers are required to repeatedly and shamelessly lie and defend Trump no matter what indefensible thing he said or did. Spicer at least has the decency to look like the toll is killing him inside. Conway appears to actually enjoy the dishonesty, and one suspects she would probably do the job for free if she had to.

Hilariously, former Fox News host K.T. MacFarlane gets paid the same amount that Trump’s top staff does, including Reince Priebus. She has been sidelined since her friend Michael Flynn was booted from his job and his replacement, H.R. McMasters told Trump he wouldn’t take the job unless she was removed. Now she putters around the White House under the vague title “Assistant to the President” doing who knows what. For that, she earns $179,700.

The release of the White House payroll only goes to show just how cartoonish Trump’s administration is. Filled with disgraced lobbyists, Fox News hosts, former reality tv stars, and a variety of other opportunistic liars, it’s no wonder the White House barely functions and is plagued with in-fighting, backstabbing, and scandals. It turns out, if you hire a bunch of clowns, the West Wing can fit an awful lot of them inside. Each cashing a paycheck for more than many Americans make in three years of work.

Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images