An Open Letter To Decent Republicans: It’s Time To Leave Donald Trump’s GOP (VIDEOS)

The nation is still reeling from the fact that the so-called “president,” Donald Trump, attacked Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski in the most personal, vicious, misogynistic terms ever. However, we should not be surprised. We’ve seen the scores of videos of him attacking a former Miss Universe over her weight, of his calling women pigs and dogs, of his making previous “blood” comments about former Fox host and current NBC host Megyn Kelly for asking tough questions about his misogynistic past in a GOP primary debate. We’ve listened to Trump boasting of walking into the dressing rooms of teenage beauty pageant contestants. We all heard him brag of sexually assaulting women on the Access Hollywood tape. The “apology” for that damning audio only had Trump apologize in the asinine non-apology of “if anyone was offended,” with a pivot to Bill Clinton’s behavior in the 1990’s, culminating in his gross parading of decades old Clinton accusers for debate cameras.

Now that Trump is sitting in the Oval Office, Capitol Hill Republicans had no choice but to respond to his behavior. However, they knew what they were getting when they propped him up and got him elected. The #NeverTrump Republicans and assorted conservatives were shunned during the campaign for refusing to support a disgusting man who was so clearly unfit for office and unable to be president of all Americans due to his various bigotries, and for his obvious hatred of women in particular. Yet, they continued, due to the craven urge to put party before country and elect a Republican in order to get a conservative Supreme Court Justice – which materialized in the form of Neil Gorsuch – at the expense of the nation they claim to love. We all knew Trump’s unfitness for the office he now holds and the damage he would do to the nation long before his “American Carnage” inauguration speech.

However, there are Republicans calling Trump out on what he did to Mika Brzezinski. Almost universally, his comments were condemned. However, the GOP, with Trump as its standard-bearer, is defined by misogyny and all of his other bigoted opinions. He IS your party. That didn’t stop GOP pundits who are not elected officials from criticizing him and the party harshly, though. Perhaps most prominently are CNN contributor and GOP strategist Ana Navarro and MSNBC’s host of Deadline: White House Nicolle Wallace. Here are both of those proud Republican women’s statements on Trump’s latest antics. First, Nicolle Wallace, who sent some very good advice to the White House and Republicans everywhere that most likely will definitely not be taken:

Now, Ana Navarro’s stinging response on CNN with Wolf Blitzer and others, amid a montage of outraged responses:

Here is her full Blitzer segment:

Also, watch Ana Navarro unleash an attack on the silent GOP people who won’t stand up to Trump:

The thing you need to realize is this, Ana, Nicolle, and other Republicans who cannot abide Trump: Your party as you knew it is gone. You always had an issue with racism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, etc. That must be addressed, and it will continue until you do it. The thing the respectable members that are left of the GOP must recognize is this, though: with Donald Trump as your standard-bearer, those sentiments ARE the GOP. I know how much a part of one’s identity a political party can be. I am a lifelong, dyed-in-the-wool Democrat. I’d be HOWLING if anyone tried to force me to go Independent. However, if the Democrats ever came up with their own version of Donald Trump, I like to think I’d run for the hills as fast as my fat little legs could carry me because my country will ALWAYS come before my party. I really hope you all have the stones to do the same in this instance.

Remember, Republicans – history will judge you on who you associated with and how you handled the Trump era. You don’t want to be on the wrong side of it.

Featured image via BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images