A Panicked Trump Ran Around The White House Asking Staffers What They Thought Of His Sexist Tweet

This incredibly awkward story comes from New York Post reporter Gabby Morrongiello:

After firing off a deranged tweet falsely claiming MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski was bleeding from her face after a facelift, Trump apparently dimly recognized that he screwed up. According to a source speaking with Morrongiello, a panicking Trump marched around the West Wing asking people to reassure him about his tweets. Heaven knows what they said. It’s hard to sugarcoat something like this. His tweets were widely condemned by both Republicans and Democrats who recognized that the attack was clearly sexist in nature and “beneath the dignity of the office.”

It seems likely that Trump’s staff reassured him that he was right to say those things, even while privately conceding their boss is nuts. According to sources speaking with the Daily Beast, White House staff are on the verge of mental breakdowns over Trump’s behavior, which they are unable to stop:

Senior aides to the president have tried and failed for months to find new ways to distract the president from cable-news and social media and bring some level of control to his tweets. On Thursday they responded to the tweetstorm with a mix of resignation and gallows humor.

Is Morrongiello’s source legit? It seems probable. Trump has been known to crowdsource opinions about his job performance before. Early in his term, leaked audio captured Trump asking guests at Mar-a-Lago for advice on who should be in his cabinet.

Trump often appears to want to include his friends in the decision-making process.

Turning to a longtime club member that night, he said: “We were just talking about who we [are] going to pick for the FCC, who [are] we going to pick for this, who we gonna accept — boy, can you give me some recommendations?”

Trump has not apologized to Mika or the nation for his behavior yesterday. Instead, he sent out his best liars – Sarah Huckabee and Kellyanne Conway – to defend his use of personal attacks and lies to hurt his critics. They did so without blinking.

At the White House press briefing, reporters asked Huckabee if Trump will apologize – she ignored the question. Meanwhile, Trump has continued his fight with Mika and her co-host Joe Scarborough in earnest.

Featured image via Olivier Douliery – Pool/Getty Images