Time Magazine Tells Trump To Stop Displaying Fake Magazine Covers In His Golf Clubs (TWEETS)

No one should be surprised about this, but it was recently discovered that Donald Trump was displaying fake Time magazines featuring himself as the cover star in his golf clubs. These fake magazine covers, dated March 1, 2009, were discovered in at least four of his golf clubs, painting the picture of a very, very mentally ill man.

In response to this cringeworthy news, Time magazine has asked the Trump Organization to remove the magazine covers – which are framed – from its golf clubs.

The fake cover’s headline reads, “Trump is hitting on all fronts… even TV!” – which is exactly what you would expect from Trump. This is how the fake magazines covers are being displayed:

Photo via screen capture

Revealing that the real Time magazine for March 2009 had featured actress Kate Winslet, a spokesperson for Time magazine said of Trump’s version:

 “I can confirm that this is not a real TIME cover.”

As you can imagine, the internet erupted once Trump’s weird ego-stroking tactic made its rounds. Even politicians, such as Democrat Gerald Edward Connolly, got in on mocking Trump. Connolly even came up with his own fake magazine cover:

And many other Twitter users tore Trump to shreds with more fake covers, like these hilarious responses:

Clearly, Trump is going to regret that those fake covers ever saw the light of day. Trump has only been featured on Time magazine’s cover once, and it was in 1989, way before he entered politics. Thanks to this fiasco, Trump can pretty much be sure that he will never appear in a favorable light on the cover again!

Featured image via Pool / Getty Images