Sean Hannity Tries To Bash CNN Reporter But It Immediately Backfires

For Trump supporters, the only way to fend off critics of the amateur president is to lash out at the free press. There is no one who shamelessly sucks up to the former reality show star more than Sean Hannity. CNN’s Jim Acosta has been questioning the blackout of the media at the White House lately. Most press briefings are now off-camera. Hannity, who works for the fake news network Fox News, responded by calling CNN “fake news.” He then called Acosta “arrogant,” “combative” and “whiny.” According to Hannity, Acosta is “looking for ways to damage the President” as if Trump needs any help.

“CNN’s White House darling is really starting to become unhinged,” Hannity said.

Acosta responded on Wednesday by mocking Sean Hannity’s attacks on him, tweeting that the Fox News host “needs a hug.”

“Alternate headline: @seanhannity needs a hug. #hannityunhugged,” Acosta tweeted.

Acosta’s tweet went viral.

We all remember Mustard-gate. Barack Obama just took office and the big story at Fox News was that he used mustard on his hamburger. That was a story the network covered for nearly a week. Sean Hannity seemed to suggest that Obama is an elitist for using mustard.

It’s odd that Hannity supports WikiLeaks, an entity who supposedly believes in the transparency of governments, yet the idea of a transparent Trump administration rattles him to the core. The Russia probe is not being reported accurately on Fox News and the network has begun losing its key demographics. has fallen from 45th place to 281st place in news site traffic ratings as the right-wing site ignores Trump’s massive scandals. Hannity, a conspiracy theorist, is using CNN to bash the press. Three journalists resigned and an inaccurate story was retracted. Meanwhile, Sean Hannity pushed the baseless Seth Rich murder conspiracy theory. That prompted advertisers to flee from his show. So, it’s kind of cute that Hannity calls other outlets ‘fake news.’

Photo by Jennifer S. Altman/Contour by Getty Images.