Republican Senator Just Had A Priest Thrown In Jail For Protesting Trumpcare (VIDEO)

Protests against Trumpcare are ramping up now that the Congressional Budget Office has released their assessment of the bill. And not surprisingly, Republican senators are sinking to all-time lows to avoid the angry constituents begging for the GOP not to take away their health care. Last week they were dragging people out of wheelchairs to haul them off to jail and this week they’re throwing priests behind bars.

Six protesters were arrested on Monday for protesting the repeal of Obamacare at Sen. Shelley Moore Capito’s office in Charleston, WV, who has yet to decide how she will vote on the bill. One of the protestors who ended up in handcuffs was Rev. Jim Lewis. For the party that claims to be all about Christian values, it sure is ironic that they having a man of God arrested because he asked them not to kill the poor and sick. Just saying.

The Washington Journal reports:

So, for six hours, several dozen West Virginians stood outside the office calling for their Junior Senator to protect their healthcare, while six went into Capito’s office and staged a sit-in. At 5:30 pm, protesters inside were told that the office was closing and they would be arrested if they did not leave.

The videos below, livestreamed on Facebook, show the protesters calmly and peacefully explaining their cause and the disaster they were committed to avoiding. Police officers — seemingly with reluctance, if not sympathy — told them they would be charged with trespassing and taken to jail if they did not leave.

Committed to the moral imperative that is stopping Trumpcare, the protesters made clear that if the choice was between jail or backing down, the decision was easy.

Gary Zuckett, executive director of the West Virginia Citizen Action Group which helped organize the event along with West Virginia Citizen Action Group, Rise Up West Virginia and Kanawha Valley Democratic Socialists of America, said they were there to try to get through to Capito just how many of her constituents will be hurt if this bill becomes law.

“The idea is, we need to send a message to Sen. Capito that this is not an acceptable direction for our country to be going,” he said. “It’s going to hurt West Virginia, it’s going to hurt our economy, it’s going to put a lot of the rural health clinics at risk, it may close some rural hospitals. It’s definitely going to harm her constituents when they lose their health care coverage, especially with the Medicaid expansion.”

You can watch video of a GOP senator having a priest arrested here:

Featured image via Charleston Gazette-Mail