WATCH: It Just Hit A Trump Supporter That Repealing Obamacare Will Destroy His Life

While on the campaign trail, Donald Trump, a former reality show star, repeatedly promised to repeal Obamacare and his supporters cheered him on. Now that the GOP Senate has revealed what they came up with after having years to create a viable alternative to Obamacare, the reality is setting in. Trumpcare benefits the rich and gives absolutely nothing to lower income Americans and the middle class, but it does gift the wealthy with a nice tax break. On top of that, the CBO score released yesterday concludes that 22 million Americans will lose insurance coverage under Trump/Republicare. This move will largely affect red state residents who voted for Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, a clearly emotional Trump supporter told CNN’s Don Lemon that there’s no way he could afford health insurance if not for Obamacare. He sure stuck it to liberals by voting for Trump though, huh? Ardent Trump supporters never thought for a moment that Trump’s promise would be fulfilled. The “Lock her up!” and “Build that wall” and “Repeal Obamacare” chants were all fun and games but slowly it’s dawning on them: We need insurance coverage or we could potentially die.

“You’re a lifelong Republican, yet you and your wife are insured through Obamacare,” Lemon told Don Riscoe. “What will happen to that insurance if Obamacare is repealed?”

“We probably won’t be insured,” Riscoe replied.

“You okay?” Lemon asked the visibly upset Trump supporter.

“Yes,” Riscoe replied. “We won’t be insured if Obamacare goes away. We won’t be able to afford premiums.”

“Do you know what it would cost you to get insurance on an open market and could you afford that?” Lemon asked Riscoe.

“I know we can’t afford it. It’s over $1,000 a month,” Riscoe told the CNN host.

“It would be incredibly hard on you financially. That’s what you’re saying?” Lemon asked.

Riscoe said, “Absolutely, we wouldn’t be able to afford coverage without the Affordable Care Act.”

“So you voted for Donald Trump even though he promised to repeal the program you rely on,” Lemon said. “Why is that?”

“Because,” Riscoe said, “I think that hopefully, they’ll bring about something that will be fiscally sound that will last.” He said that he thinks that “Obamacare does have problems that do need to get fixed. I hope they’ll be something in place so that we do have coverage.”



Riscoe is a Florida resident, and that state will be hit the hardest, according to the AARP. 450,000 of the state’s residents age 50 to 64 would pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars more each year for coverage. Mr. Riscoe appears to be in that age group.

It’s difficult to feel sorry for this Trump supporter after he voted for a man who is doing exactly what he said he would do. Did he think that repealing Obamacare would only affect liberals?

Without coverage, I could not afford to start the medical treatment that begins today, which would cost (without insurance) for a 12-week period, $95,500. And that is just for one pill per day. With insurance, the treatment will cost me nothing. 3.2 million Americans have this disease. Good luck, Mr. Riscoe. We hope he doesn’t have any pre-existing conditions like most of us do.

Image via screen capture.