A Fed Up Reporter Just Stood Up To Sarah Huckabee As She Was Smearing The Free Press (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s war on the free press just entered a dark new phase. After spending the election smearing reporters, sometimes personally, his administration has only gotten worse once in power. Trump continues to attack any media that dares criticize him, and his staff have begun cancelling press briefings and blocking recording devices in the White House. On Tuesday, Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee attended the first on-camera press briefing in over a week – only to begin a disgustingly, dishonest smear of the free press.

People watching in horror as Trump and his team undermine the media’s ability to have a check on their power have been begging reporters to stand up for themselves and their duties – and one finally did.

In a powerful moment, Brian Karem of The Sentinel, couldn’t take it anymore. Standing up, he cut Huckabee off and said what has been on everybody’s mind:

“Come on! You’re inflaming everybody, right here, right now with those words. This administration has done that as well.

Why in the name of heavens is anyone of us replaceable, and if we don’t get it right, the audience has the opportunity to turn the channel or not read us. [Meanwhile], you have been elected to serve four years at least, there’s no option other than that.”

Huckabee tries to stop him, but Karem keeps going:

“We’re here to ask you questions. You’re here to provide the answers and what you just did is inflammatory to people* [note: *Trump supporters] all over the country who look at this and say ‘See once again, the president is right and everybody else is fake media.'”

Karem isn’t exaggerating. Trump has crafted his persona to be above criticism. To his followers, he can do no wrong. He has repeatedly reinforced this dangerous behavior by labeling reporters “fake news” and accusing them of lying. This has had the effect of cutting off a large portion of the country from getting any reliable information about what Trump is doing. Many of his fans only listen to him – or watch his talking heads on Fox News.

Huckabee, with Trump’s approval, has tried to stoke this fire, bashing the media whenever she gets the chance. She and Trump are noticeably silent about the obvious lies he has said repeatedly throughout his campaign and time in office. Karem followed up on his appearance at the White House with a tweet that summed it up nicely.

Trump has never apologized or admitted wrongdoing for a single lie he’s said – and there’s a lot of them. The New York Times has created an exhaustive list of Trump’s verifiable lies and it spans pages and pages. The analysis included this insane detail:

Trump achieved something remarkable: He said something untrue, in public, every day for the first 40 days of his presidency. The streak didn’t end until March 1.

So who pushes more “fake news” CNN or Trump?

Featured image via Twitter