Trump Confirms He Thinks GOP Healthcare Bill Is ‘Mean,’ Accuses Obama Of Stealing The Term (VIDEO)

Trump got into a bizarre pissing match with former President Obama during his interview with Fox News. For reasons known only to him, Trump decided to admit that he does, in fact, think the Republican healthcare bill meant to repeal Obamacare is “mean” and accused Obama of “using” his term.

This is a pretty stunning admission coming from the guy who celebrates the passage of the “mean” bill by a highly-publicized Rose Garden ceremony and speech.

Just to remind ourselves, here was Trump just weeks ago when Republicans in Congress rammed through the AHCA without support of Democrats, the Congressional Budget Office, or the American people. Notice his giant grin:

(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Former President Obama recently joined millions of Americans in condemning the bill, along with its equally vicious counterpart in the Senate, which seems to have bugged Trump. It’s long been noted that Obama’s popularity and reputation infuriate Trump who has neither – and knows it. Watching Obama label the bill “mean” was apparently enough to get Trump into full-on jealousy mode. Even though it makes him look like a monster, Trump needed the country to know that he came up with the word “mean” to describe his own bill faster than Obama. He wins!

After his confession, Trump went on to claim he would like to see a bill “with heart” get passed. He doesn’t expand on what that would look like. He also doesn’t explain why he is ferociously supporting the Republican healthcare bill – which even many Republicans believe will be a complete disaster. Healthcare experts have taken it even further, arguing the Senate bill, in some ways, is even meaner than the House’s version. They took a bad bill and somehow made it worse.

Trump’s interview on Fox was meant to be a softball lobbed over the plate so he could hit it out of the park. The conservative network, long operating as a talking point factory for Republicans, has been reduced to the role of “state media” in Trump’s America. This was never going to be anything but an opportunity for Trump to promote himself and his agenda: Instead he confessed on cable television that he thinks his own healthcare bill is evil.

You can’t learn that kind of stupid, that’s all natural.

Featured image via CNN