Eric Trump Unveils New Haircut In The Style Made Famous By Alt-Right Neo-Nazis (PHOTO)

Eric Trump has a new haircut and that haircut looks to be an outrageously offensive political statement.

Moving away from the slicked back caricature of a Wall Street sleazeball, Eric landed on a hairstyle that is, at this moment, mostly popular with a collection of up-and-coming neo-Nazis. As the Washington Post described it last year in a article titled “Does this haircut make me look like a Nazi?“, the style looks as follows:

It is short on the sides and long on the top. It is clean and tidy, with a military sheen. It’s been popular among young people for several years. But now this haircut is making us ask ourselves, with seriousness that seems unthinkable in 2016: hipster or Nazi?

Thanks to high profile Nazis like Richard Spencer, the answer in 2017 is: Nazi.

The look, once popular with hipsters, is now decidedly one meant to symbolize an alt-right ideology. In fact, the cut was co-opted by Nazis because it had connections to Hitler. The style was a modern take on one made popular by the Hitler Youth in Nazi Germany. You’re probably familiar with it:

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Now, it’s obvious that not everyone with that particular haircut is associated with white supremacy. It’s a haircut. But within white supremacy circles, the haircut is used to signal to other members that the wearer is part of the “team.” In the same way a particular piece of clothing or hand gesture can identify you as a member of a group, the haircut has become the calling card of many prominent neo-Nazis.

Here’s Spencer today still with the haircut along with his buddy wearing a slightly shorter variation of the same haircut:

And now Eric Trump has it, too:

Is it intentional? You’d be forgiven for thinking so. Eric and his brother Donald Jr.’s behaviors since the election are only fueling the controversy. Since their father’s win, the family has been growing increasingly close with the alt-right, a group that breeds neo-Nazis. Donald Jr, in particular, has globbed onto the group, retweeting articles and figureheads of the alt-right movement. Now Eric is styling himself, physically, after them.

That’s a lot of smoke and the question we need to ask ourselves now is, “Where’s the fire?”

Featured image via Fox News