Texas Republican Bringing Two Anti-LGBT Bathroom Bills To The Table During Special Legislative Session

Representative Ron Simmons, R-Carrollton, is back at it again, this time bringing with him TWO anti-LGBT bathroom bills to the special legislative session that will take place next month in Texas.

In the regular session that took place, Simmons introduced an anti-LGBT measure that failed. Unfortunately, he didn’t learn from this failure as he said one of the bills will be the same.

Yes, you read that right. One of the bills he’s bringing to the table is going to be the same thing that was already shot down once.

Speaking to the Dallas Morning News, Simmons said: “I am going to file two versions. One that just does schools and one that does political subdivisions.”

He added that it will be filed “within minutes” of the session starting.

I’m still scratching my head as to why people are so worked up over who uses which toilet and why. You’re not going to see the person – they’re behind a closed door! And to impose restricting laws on children? Children?

Sadly, Simmons is not alone in this endeavor, as the Governor of Texas Greg Abbot has said that passing an anti-LGBT bathroom bill is “top priority” back in May according to PinkNews.

PinkNews reports that in response to the failure to pass the bill, the state’s Governor has earlier this month vowed to hold a special legislative session on the issue – an extremely costly procedure which is intended to only be used for urgent issues and emergency legislation.

So, Texas is holding a costly, special, “emergency” legislative session because they’re freaking out over who uses which bathroom. You know, that private place where you’re meant to do your business behind closed doors. They’re freaking out over which bathroom a child uses in school. Just let all that sink in.

In response, Sarah Kate Ellis, President, and CEO of GLAAD said:

“Governor Greg Abbott is proving everything is bigger in Texas including prioritizing discrimination.

“If the governor moves forward with this harmful legislation against trans students, LGBTQ people, businesses, and fair-minded Texans will respond in Texas style – Big.

“Trans Texans have experienced harassment and threats because of this last session and if any anti-trans bills get signed into law, then Governor Abbott’s legacy will be turning Texas into a state known for harming some its most marginalized people.”

Source: PinkNews

Ellis couldn’t be more right. These Texan lawmakers need to get a grip and focus on actual, important issues. Not where someone goes to the bathroom and why. This shouldn’t even be up for discussion or debate.

Featured image via Sara D. Davis/Getty Images