Sen. Cotton’s Intern Caught On Tape Calling Brits ‘F****ts’ And Declaring Paul Ryan A ‘Cuck’ (AUDIO)

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Republican Senator Tom Cotton’s intern thinks that the British are “faggots” and House Speaker Paul Ryan is a “cuck.” And apparently, he isn’t afraid to say it because he actually made these repugnant remarks to a reporter.

The intern, who Mediaite is referring to only by his first name, Nate, because they want “to keep his name clean from any future employer’s Google search” (insert angry eye roll here), was recorded saying “Paul Ryan is a cuck, he’s a cuck, get him out” and “Paul Ryan: cuck first and Yankee second.”

In case you don’t know what a “cuck” is, Mediaite was happy to explain, even if they refuse to fully out the loudmouthed intern.

The term “cuck” originated in political spaces during 2015, as white nationalists and the far-right began calling Republicans they deemed too moderate “cuckservatives.” The word is racially charged, as “cuck” that Joan Walsh described as a pornographic genre “in which a white husband, either in shame or lust, watches his wife be taken by a black man.”

The alt-right, otherwise known as white supremacists and neo-Nazis, have used the term to reference Ryan for a while now and he was even named “Cuck of The Year For 2016.”

The intern also told the reporter that, as our military record shows, “Americans are the superior race to everyone in the world . . . we’re superior people.” As he continued to rant, he said the British are “faggots” and then he deemed Benedict Arnold “a homosexual.”

Nate is a big fan of Donald Trump’s stupid wall and the xenophobia behind his bigoted immigration parties. He told the reporter that “they say ‘we need to lax our immigration system and let more of these people in,’ fuck no!”

“Am I a bigot [towards Muslims]? I guess damn so!” Nate added.

Nate, who interned with Cotton for more than six months, also weighed in on the health care debate, insisting that the argument that health care is a human right is “garbage” and “fundamentally wrong.”

“You will die in the streets if you are an idiot . . . we believe in Social Darwinism, the idiots will get fucked,” he said.

The news that Nate is a raging bigot should come as no surprise to Sen. Cotton, assuming they vetted him even a little. Mediaite reports that his Facebook page is full of derogatory terms such as “faggot,” “fag,” and “tranny.” And he has made a habit of shouting his offensive rhetoric through the halls of Congress.

Mediaite contacted Sen. Cotton’s office for a comment. Certainly, they must have something to say for themselves, right? Well, not so much. A spokesperson said only that Nate “is no longer an intern in Senator Cotton’s office. Beyond that, I cannot comment on personnel matters.”

You can listen to Nate’s disgusting remarks here:

Featured image via  Mark Wilson/Getty Images