This Powerful Campaign Ad Announces A Serious Challenge To Paul Ryan’s House Seat (VIDEO)

Most people think of House Speaker Paul Ryan as completely safe in his seat. After all, he is seen as the GOP’s Golden Boy (though those of us with our eyes open see him as a sociopath in a suit). Well, it seems that Ryan might not be so safe after all. Democrats have made large inroads into deep red districts in the recent special elections. We may not have won outright, but we really didn’t expect to. But we made huge gains, slashing wins in districts carried by 20+ points by Republicans down to single digits. This is why it is so encouraging that Randy Bryce, a veteran and iron worker in Paul Ryan’s Wisconsin district is running to take the Speaker’s seat.

Bryce released a powerful campaign ad that shows him to be a working class citizen who is connected to his community. Also featured in the ad is Bryce’s mother, who has multiple sclerosis. She talks about all the drugs she is on, and how she doesn’t know what will happen if she cannot take her medication. This woman is representative of so many sick people around the nation, and it is sure to resonate with many people. It also features a clip of Paul Ryan’s infamous, “Everybody doesn’t get what they want,” line when he was talking about repealing the Affordable Care Act.

Paul Ryan is a callous, heartless bastard, and Randy Bryce may very well be able to expose that fact. Hopefully, Bryce’s powerful message will force Paul Ryan into early retirement.

Watch this amazing ad below:

Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images