Ivanka Trump Sends Out #WorldRefugeeDay Tweet, Gets Stomped On By Twitter Users Everywhere

Ivanka Trump decided on Tuesday evening to send out a tweet in honor of World Refuge Day, and once again, she apparently forgot who her father is.

“On #WorldRefugeeDay we remember the plight & courage of the 22 million+ refugees globally. We must work to restore peace & end this crisis,” she wrote, seemingly oblivious to the cruel and bigoted stance her own father has taken against refugees.

Not surprisingly, Twitter users everywhere were ready to remind Ivanka that her father has made it his mission to ban refugees from entering the United States as part of his unconstitutional Muslim Ban.

Sorry, Ivanka. No one is buying it. Your words are empty and hollow, just like your father’s soul. You had to see this response coming, right?

Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images