Sean Hannity Goes Apesh*t Over Trump As Caesar AGAIN, Gets Torn Apart Over HUGE Mistake (TWEETS)

It’s crystal clear that nobody can accuse Sean Hannity of knowing what he’s talking about, particularly over Twitter. Tonight, he got into a heated exchange with conservative writer Ben Shapiro over the suddenly-controversial depiction of Trump as Julius Caesar, because in Shakespeare’s play, Julius Caesar gets assassinated.

Hannity seemed to enjoy chants of “liberal hate kills,” after another Trump-loving protester rushed the stage at the play, and Shapiro called him out on his hypocrisy over that. Hannity responded by calling him stupid in one tweet, and then again with this little bit in which he made a complete fool of himself:

Really, who’s the stupid one here? The same theater company that did this play did have an Obama lookalike as Caesar in 2012. Other parallels have been drawn between Shakespearean characters and politicians, too: For instance, Henry V seemed to depict George W. Bush. There wasn’t anything like the outcry we’re seeing with the Trumpian Caesar.

And Twitter is busy pointing all of this out with glee:

The manufactured controversy could be due to the right’s ongoing persecution complex. They latch onto anything that makes them look like it’s them against the world, like the world is out to get them. It’s absolutely ridiculous in the face of real persecution.

This tweet may get deleted and it may stay up. Hannity isn’t really known for admitting when he screwed something up royally like this. Kind of like his hero, Trump. He’s more Trumpian every day.

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images/screenshot