White House Gives Up Trying To Control Trump, Lawyers Are Ready To Quit (TWEETS)

Ever since his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has proven himself to be a loose cannon that no one can control. Trump’s administration should have known better than to try and reign him in, and to have any hopes that he might be able to restrain himself once he won the election. Perhaps they would be handling his behavior better now, instead of abandoning the disgraceful POTUS.

At the moment when Trump’s Russia scandal is exploding and he needs his team more than ever, the White House has had it with Trump’s incriminating Twitter rants. They once tried to control Trump in various ways such as keeping his schedule tight and only feeding him pro-Trump news, but now they’re letting Trump do whatever the hell he wants. To make this even worse for the abandoned man baby in the White House, his lawyers are also at their wit’s end. Because no one is controlling Trump, he’s become impossible to defend as he continues to make his scandals worse.

Gabriel Sherman stated:

This basically seals the deal – Trump is going down. Not that his team has ever been very successful at keeping him level-headed, but now that they’re deliberately taking a hands off approach, he is doomed. His lawyers cannot possibly compete with the amount of damaging tweets Trump puts out every week, proving to the world that no one can take him down better than the man himself. Trump is an absolute nightmare for a legal team, as he repeatedly sabotages all efforts to mend his scandals.

No one should be surprised that this is how Trump’s administration is going down. The entire staff is made up of incompetent people who can’t stand up to Trump – and he knows it. The administration was dysfunctional from day one, and proved unable to reach Trump and convince him that shutting up was his best option. Now, Trump is left to his own devices with attorneys who don’t even know how they’re going to save him anymore.

Featured image via Win McNamee / Getty Images