Trump Gets HUMILIATED After Declaring His Poll Numbers ‘Higher’ Than Obama’s

Donald Trump got hilariously owned on Twitter again.

On Sunday morning, Trump took a break from playing golf to post a Twitter rant. First, he bragged about his presidency.

And then he insanely declared that his poll numbers are better than President Obama’s.

As you can see, Trump used a poll taken by Rasmussen, which notoriously leans to the right-wing. Plus, it’s the only poll that shows Trump’s approval rating being this high. All of the others show Trump’s approval rating at historic lows.

But Trump is not only embarrassing himself by ignoring the other polls, he’s wrong about having higher numbers than President Obama.

At this time in his presidency on June 18, 2009, Rasmussen took a poll and found that 55 percent of Americans approved of how President Obama was doing his job.

So Trump is either lying or he is bad at math. Or both.

Of course, Twitter users mercilessly mocked Trump for it.

Featured Image: Pete Souza/White House