Watch Malcolm Nance WIPE THE FLOOR With Breitbart Editor In Bill Maher’s Overtime

The bright side of the Russian/Trump investigation, if you can find one, is that a lot of political stars are being born. Al Franken, while not a newbie to most, is separating himself from the chaff, as are Adam Schiff, Kamala Harris and a handful of other Democrats. One major rising star, though, isn’t a Democrat at all — he’s a former counter-intelligence officer. He considers himself a Colin Powell Republican and if he were to run for President, there’s little doubt he’d be a force to be reckoned with, regardless of party.

After Friday night’s Overtime with Bill Maher (the part of the show that’s on YouTube instead of on TV), Nance confirmed his badass status when he stood up to Breitbart Editor in Chief, Alex Marlow, demanding an apology for a story that ran a few years ago that resulted in death threats to Nance and his family.

On the subject of fake news, which Marlow tried to redefine as a liberal invention, Nance said this:

“There was this article about a 35-year counterterrorism expert who claimed they wanted Trump Tower attacked that was written in Breitbart,” Nance began. “I got 31 death threats and that came from your website…you gonna apologize to me?”

Marlow responded that he respected Nance and his service to the country, but Nance shot back by saying, “Your followers threatened my family, my children, my wife.”

The Breitbart chief tried turning the tables. “Are you really suggesting that Breitbart doesn’t get death threats? That our lives aren’t put in danger?”

Marlow claimed he didn’t remember the story, but if Nance would show it to him, he’d apologize. Apparently, Marlow hasn’t heard of the Google.

Nance responded that he will “come to (his) office and see that retraction.”

Marlow then called Nance, who is incredibly calm, “hysterical,” which seems to be the go-to insult for anyone speaking out against the Trump administration.

Here’s the video:

Featured image via video screenshots