Snowflake Trump Actually Screams At White House Televisions, Proving He Is Mentally Unfit To Be President

Donald Trump is literally the old man who yells at his television set. Only he is doing it in the White House every time a certain story airs.

As Trump confirmed on Friday morning, he is under investigation for obstruction of justice as well as for his role in Russia’s interference in the 2016 Election.

That’s right. Clearly, Trump is the leaker he has been complaining about all these months.

As we all know, Trump’s mental health has been a hot topic since long before Election Day. And now that Trump has been in office for five months, we can say for sure that he is mentally unfit to be president. Even the Army field manual says that Trump has no business being commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

For instance, Trump has outbursts of anger and is obsessed with promoting himself. He makes unfounded accusations and attacks anyone who criticizes him. He lies constantly and makes promises he does not keep. He also lacks self-control and is incredibly selfish and hateful while taking paranoia to whole new level.

And now we are learning from Trump’s own advisers that whenever news about the Russia and obstruction of justice investigations appear on any television inside the White House, Trump stops and yells at it and rants about how he is the victim of a conspiracy.

According to the Associated Press,

Trump advisers and confidants describe the president as increasingly angry over the investigation, yelling at television sets in the White House carrying coverage and insisting he is the target of a conspiracy to discredit — and potentially end — his presidency. Some of his ire is aimed at [Deputy Attorney General Rod] Rosenstein and investigative special counsel Robert Mueller, both of whom the president believes are biased against him, associates say.

Can you imagine being an employee at the White House just sitting there minding your own business and all of sudden this senile old man walks up and starts yelling at the television just because a certain story is on? That has to be scary and worrying. And it should definitely worry the American people enough to call for Trump’s ouster. Trump should be in a retirement home where he can get medication and restricted television access, not the White House.

Featured image via David Becker/Getty Images