Trump Gets His A** Handed To Him After Whining About Russia Investigation Like A Frightened Schoolboy

Donald Trump is definitely protesting too much.

This would be a good time for Trump to keep his mouth shut, but as usual, he’s not.

When top law firms refused to work for him on this case, they did so for precisely this reason. Having a client who constantly sets fires with his mouth is not a client any lawyer wants to put up with. They would prefer Trump exercise his right to remain silent. After all, we have that right for a reason.

But Trump has been obsessed with whining about the Russia investigation and the obstruction of justice investigation led by special investigator Robert Mueller. Trump was recently talked out of firing him by his aides. So he has resorted to attacks on social media.

On Friday morning, Trump resumed complaining.

Despite Trump’s claims, there is plenty of evidence that Russia interfered with the 2016 Election and that his campaign colluded with them. Even Trump himself asked Russian hackers to go after Hillary Clinton’s emails. Furthermore, the economic and jobs numbers are only great because Trump is still benefiting from the economic policies of President Obama. Once his policies fully kick in, those will take a nosedive.

Trump should also be informed that a lot of his followers on Twitter are bots and people who loathe him. Pretending that everyone supports him is pretty damn pathetic.

Of course, Twitter users swiftly handed Trump his ass.

Seriously, Trump really should stay away from Twitter. He’s only embarrassing himself and digging the hole deeper.

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images