Hillary’s Campaign Account Hasn’t Tweeted Since Nov. 7, And Now It’s BEAUTIFULLY Trolling Donald Trump

Trump and his minions and cronies twist reality so badly it’s amazing they can even see straight enough to write anything pretty much anywhere. Yesterday, and into today, Trump has been going on about being investigated and screaming about why Hillary Clinton and the Democrats aren’t. Today, one of Hillary’s campaign accounts, @TheBriefing2016, decided to troll Trump a little over this. Their last tweet is dated Nov. 7, 2016.

And it’s absolutely glorious. It pokes Trump over the fact that he’s under investigation for obstruction of justice, and possibly for other crimes that may include collusion with Russia. This is what they did:

They know the answer is yes, he’s still here, unfortunately. He still has a White House full of possible Russian agents (possibly including himself), he’s still trying to claim that he’s completely innocent and all the facts point that way, and he’s still generally making a fool of himself over both his “fake news” nonsense and his smear campaign against his “enemies.”

Two days ago, the Washington Post broke the story that Special Counsel Mueller is actively investigating Trump for obstruction of justice over his decision to fire James Comey just as the FBI’s Russia investigation began escalating. Trump has called the Post “fake news” many times, and in his diatribe from yesterday and into today, he basically admitted that they’re telling the truth about the investigation.

Furthermore, one Democratic Congressman has drawn up an article of impeachment against Trump as well. The charge? Obstruction of justice.

The funny thing is that the GOP keeps saying Trump had no intent of impeding the FBI’s investigation when he’s basically admitted otherwise. Paul Ryan also made sorry excuses about “he didn’t know” when responding to Comey’s testimony about his termination and his conversations with Trump during the time he served as FBI Director.

We’re pretty sure most of the rest of us would get convicted and thrown in jail if we said, “Sorry, I didn’t know,” after breaking the law, because ignorance of the law generally isn’t seen as a valid excuse. But Trump, because he’s a Republican president and the Republicans are desperate right now, gets away with everything.

Yes, he’s still here. We’re hoping that doesn’t last too much longer.

Featured image via Jason Kempin and Sean Gallup/Getty Images