Christians Can Now Discriminate Against LGBT Parents Hoping To Adopt In Texas (DETAILS)

It is now possible for religious adoption agencies in Texas to reject LGBT+ parents from adopting children.

The Daily Caller reports that Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill on Thursday allowing faith-based foster care and adoption agencies to deny LGBT parents. This law, HB 3859, effectively protects faith-based agencies from being sued for choosing not to place children with any sort of LGBT+ couples.

First of all, why is religion even playing a role in adoption? Children need a loving home and if parents are able to provide it, why does it matter who they are or who they’re with? LGBT+ parents are just as capable as heterosexual, cisgender couples.

Democratic opponents of the bill pointed out that it’s a redundant law but supposedly it’s a “step further” in preventing a couple from suing a faith-based agency if they’re rejected. They also believe that it may allow for the use of religion as a tool of discrimination against LGBT and non-Christian parents.

“Such an imbalance of rights not only could leave these children worse off than they are now, it opens the door to blatant discrimination against children and loving parents who might not share the same beliefs as some foster care providers,” Democratic State Sen. Kirk Watson said when the bill was brought before the state Senate.”

Of course, it’s going to be used as a tool of discrimination! Why else was this bill written up? Certainly not for the welfare of the children.

According to The Daily Caller, the author of the bill State Rep. James Frank, claims it would not only defend the rights of religious agencies but also help solve the housing crisis that plagues the foster and adoption systems.

Republicans argue it’s necessary to prevent the loss of faith-based agencies where some have already ceased operations due to the risk of being sued for operating according to their religious beliefs.

You think?

Again, I ask, why is religion even involved in the foster care system? It’s an outrage and it’s disgusting. It’s another tarnish to the Christian faith.

Featured image via Rodger Mallison/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/TNS via Getty Images