Ann Coulter Just Had A Total Meltdown Over ‘This Jackass’ In The White House

At one time, Ann Coulter thought Donald Trump was the greatest thing to ever happen to America. But apparently, she doesn’t feel that way anymore because she just freaked out all over Twitter screaming about Trump’s “daily melodrama” and failure to follow through on any of his campaign promises.

Well gee, it seems like there is trouble in paradise. Mediaite reached out to Coulter for a comment and her response made it crystal clear where she stands with Trump at this particular moment.

“It was a whole series today! This jackass is really ticking me off. And today…Cuba? F*cking Cuba? If he’d run a campaign promising to do everything he’s done in the last 6 months, he’d never have been elected.”

Even Trump’s most loyal supporters are fed up with his bullsh*t. His approval ratings are dwindling by the day and no one with any sense at all wants to be associated with him or his administration. And now, even Ann Coulter has had it with him. Things sure don’t look good for Trump right now.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images