Kushner Is Now Under Fire By Special Counsel For Potential Dirty Financial Dealings

The Trump White House is now officially in full-blown crisis mode. First, we learned yesterday that Donald Trump himself is now officially under criminal investigation for potential obstruction of justice by Department of Justice Special Counsel Robert Mueller. What’s worse for Team Trump is that Mueller is a decorated Vietnam Veteran, a George W. Bush – appointed former FBI Director who is the only head of that agency to serve past his ten year term, as Barack Obama went to Congress and asked them to extend Mueller’s tenure. This request received bipartisan support. So, the current efforts by Trump shills to discredit Mueller are futile. His integrity is unimpeachable. Hell, even Republicans are telling Trump to leave Mueller the hell alone.

Now, it seems that the cloud over Trump’scandal-ridden White House is darkening, as it now seems that Trump’s own son-in-law and top adviser Jared Kushner is now in Special Counsel Mueller’s crosshairs as well. The Washington Post is now reporting that Kushner is under investigation for possible illegal financial dealings. Kushner is certainly far from the only current or former Trump shill who is under investigation for similar crimes. Others in the same situation include disgraced National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and former Trump 2016 Campaign Chair Paul Manafort, who is known to have had deep ties to pro-Russia Ukrainian politicians.

Of course, we all remember the reports that Kushner tried to set up a secret backchannel to the Kremlin to avoid the detection of United States intelligence agencies. Combine that with the fact that he omitted the fact that he met with the Russians during the transition from security clearance forms – a federal crime – and we have some pretty big and definitive reasons as to why Mueller should be looking at Kushner.

It seems the White House is not unaware of how serious all of this is; even uber bigot and Christian golden boy Mike Pence has retained his own lawyer to handle any and all questions and inquiries related the the cloud of suspicion surrounding the Russia situation.

All of these people are dirty as hell. Time to get these incompetent authoritarians, corrupt goons, and Russian stooges out of our White House.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images