GOP Puts Together Secret Talking Points To Defend Trump; They Promptly Get Leaked (IMAGES)

The Trump White House is perhaps the leakiest in the history of the American presidency. This is because Trump’s own staffers are sick of his erratic, lawless behavior, his intemperate late night rants on Twitter, and the general chaos of this White House. Now that the cloud of suspicion and scandal hanging over the White House due to the investigation into possible collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and the Russian government to fix an election has darkened considerably over the last few weeks, the leaks just keep coming.

The latest one is hilarious, because it was a set of talking points to deal with the news cycle regarding the revelation that Department of Justice Special Counsel Robert Mueller is now investigating Trump himself for obstruction of justice. What do the talking points focus on? Well, complaints about leaks, of course!

A source close the Republican National Committee and the White House leaked the talking points to Washington Post reporter Philip Rucker, who promptly tweeted them out. They contain three headers:

  • There is no case for obstruction of justice
  • Why is no one investigation [sic] the obvious case of obstruction of justice bye former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Clinton Campaign?
  • Conclusion (which focuses on so-called criminal leaks and the “nothing to see here” narrative)

Here is an image of the talking points via Philip Rucker’s Twitter:


This is absolutely hilarious. These people can’t even stop leaking when they are coming up with talking points that focus on complaining about leaks.

Keep it up, leakers. Bury this buffoon, and take down Pence for good measure. Just make sure you guys get good lawyers to make sure you don’t go down with Titanic Trump when he finally sinks.

Featured image via Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images