Trump Just Broke A New Record, Finally Has A ‘Win’ That Will Shock America (IMAGE)

Donald Trump doesn’t have any legislative wins under his belt yet, but there’s one thing he’s been really good at – shattering records with his historically low approval rating.

Thanks to a new Gallup poll, we now know that Trump’s disapproval rating has a three-day rolling average of 60 percent, beating his own previous record. You can check out the stats below:

According to Gallup:

“Trump’s approval ratings are also near his administration’s low point when looking at the three-day approval ratings Gallup reports daily. For June 10-12, Trump averaged 36% approval, one point above his low of 35% measured March 26-28. Trump’s current three-day average of 60% disapproval is, by one point, the highest of his administration.”

Now that a vast majority of Americans – many of which are probably Republicans or Trump voters – are finally admitting that they want Trump out of the White House, we couldn’t be happier. It’s clear that Trump’s insane Russia scandal is taking a toll on his standing with the country, and his many losses are undoubtedly helping him become more unpopular by the day.

These numbers from Gallup come just as the Senate Republicans are trying to roll out another health care bill – which will probably only make Trump’s ratings plummet even more, considering how badly the first stab at Trumpcare hurt Trump’s ratings.

Trump loves boasting about his wins and records, but it’s unlikely that he’s going to want to brag about the fact that no president in history has gotten so unpopular so quickly – and the chances are, Trump is going to keep going down because he sabotages himself almost every day with his erratic behavior and social media habits. It won’t be long before even more of the country turns against him, especially as Trump’s Russia investigation is currently heating up. He can’t hide from the facts for long – America won’t let him.

Featured image via Pool / Getty Images