Donald Trump Jr. Blames Scalise Shooting On ‘Caesar’ Actors And Gets WRECKED (TWEETS)

If Republicans were even moderately literate, they would know that the message of Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’ is that assassinating leaders you don’t like is just bad juju all around. Everyone ends up unhappy in the end. Enter Donald Trump Jr, stage far-Right.

Shortly after the guy who shot GOP Rep. Steve Scalise and four other people at baseball practice was revealed to be a Green Party person who voted for Jill Stein, regularly bashed Hillary Clinton, and who happened to volunteer for Bernie Sanders’ campaign, Donald Trump Jr. hopped on Twitter to blame…a bunch of actors.

“Events like today are EXACTLY why we took issue with NY elites glorifying the assassination of our President,” the tweet reads. It is, of course, referencing the “Shakespeare in the Park” production of “Julius Caesar.”

Traditionally, the play has featured various world leaders, including Abraham Lincoln, in the role of “Caesar.” In 2013, for example, the very same play with the very same script featured a man who looked strikingly similar to Barack Obama. He was murdered, because the play’s plot largely hinges on the historical fact that Julius Caesar was murdered. Here is a photo of the 2013 Caesar:

Conservatives said nothing at the time because it was Barack Obama, but when Donald Trump — the current President* — was “Caesar,” all hell broke loose because Republicans, as a group, are f*cking morons.

Fortunately, the fine folks on Twitter were kind enough to let him know that he’s too stupid to know he’s stupid:

Basically, if you haven’t noticed, the GOP is effectively fictional detective Frank Drebin lately:

This scene has never been funnier.

Posted by John Prager on Monday, June 12, 2017

While we could not reasonably expect anyone from the Trump family aside from Barron to present a reasonable response to anything — the kid was the only person who showed any sign of dismay when one of Trump’s supporters shouted out that Obama should be killed at his father’s inauguration, after all — it is still disappointing that Don Jr., like all Republicans, refuses to address the fact that nothing was done to prevent him from getting a gun.

Featured image via Getty Images (Win McNamee)/screengrab