Trump Boasts About Opening Of First New Coal Mine Of His Presidency (TWEET)

After watching Fox News, Donald Trump took to Twitter, as he is prone to do, to congratulate and pat himself on the back about a story that wasn’t really covered, at least in a positive light, by what he likes to refer to as “the fake mainstream media”:

In a move similar to opening more Blockbuster Video stores in an effort to try and boost the retail sector, Trump kept his campaign promise and brought back obsolete jobs by opening a new coal mine in Somerset County, just out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Although Trump complained throughout his presidential campaign that foreigners were taking American jobs, foreigners aren’t responsible for the lack of jobs in the coal mining industry — natural gas took their jobs in the same way that streaming services and downloading tragically made all the video store clerks redundant. Coal mining is a dying, if not almost dead, industry in the USA, but that wasn’t going to stop this president.

According to the Fox News Insider¬†article posted by Trump, thanks to the president easing the regulations on the mining industry, this new mine can be viewed as somewhat of a milestone, the first new coal mine opened in the U.S. “in recent memory.” It will be operated by Corsa Coal Company and Corsa CEO George Dethlefsen couldn’t be happier, especially with the positive effect it will have on the struggling local Pittsburgh economy. Dethlefsen even went as far as to claim that 400 people applied for the 70 new jobs available in the mine.

In typical Fox News fashion, Hillary Clinton needed to be dragged into the conversation, with anchorman Leland Vittert feeling the need to mention that this story contrasts with Clinton’s aim to “put a lot of coal miners out of work” and added that Democratic Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, who endorsed Clinton throughout the presidential campaign, even joined the mining company in watching a video message from Trump to commemorate the opening.

If there is a positive in this story, the mine will produce bituminous coal, the type used mainly for making steel.

Featured image via Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images