Trump BLOCKS Stephen King After Writer Delivers This Particularly Brutal Mockery On Twitter

Acclaimed horror writer Stephen King is no fan of Donald Trump and has been calling him and his administration out on Twitter every step of the way. The scathing callouts have a tendency to go viral as people relish the no-nonsense way King approaches condemning Trump.

Finally Trump seems to have had enough of the mockery. He just blocked Stephen King on Twitter. King relayed the news to his fans with typical humor.

King has been outspoken about Trump and his Republican enablers for years. He recently described Trump’s presidency as “worse than any horror story I ever wrote.” What drove Trump to finally block Stephen King? It appears to be this tweet, published shortly before King was blocked.

King was referring to a brutally awkward photo op Trump held at the White House yesterday in which he forced his cabinet members to publicly praise him. The moment stunned journalists accustomed to living in a democracy where this sort of cult-like worship of a Dear Leader isn’t common.

The cabinet members, many of whom would be called upon to declare Trump mentally incompetent under the 25th Amendment, one-by-one groveled before Trump as he smiled and nodded. Reince Priebus, who is reportedly on the verge of being fired, laid it on thick by adding that it was a “blessing” to be working for Trump.

Trump also may have seen this previous tweet, published the day before, where King knocked Ivanka Trump for disingenuously claiming her father is the victim of bullies in Washington.

Whatever the reason, it is not a major surprise to see that Stephen King had finally been blocked. As his poll numbers continue to crater and whispers of impeachment grow louder, Trump has gone on a blocking rampage. It’s his way of silencing his critics — and there are a lot of them. On the same day King learned he had been blocked, Trump also blocked a veteran’s organization, apparently for advocating for gay rights.

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images