Short Film Envisions Effect Global Warming Will Have On New York With Terrifying Accuracy (VIDEO)

The world was stunned when Donald Trump pulled the USA out of the Paris Climate Accord, claiming that the deal was “very unfair to the United States.” For those that have been living in a bubble, which might be all of us in the near future, the Paris Climate Accord is a deal to keep the global temperature rise only two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels for this century.

Before Trump decided to hastily back out of the deal, there were 195 countries involved in the agreement, the only two not included being Syria, mainly because they have enough on their plate at the moment, and Nicaragua, who thought the plan wasn’t stringent enough!

Donald Trump has always called New York City home so two film artists who go by both ‘Claire&Max’ and Menilmonde have decided to put together a short visual representation to explain what impact an increase of 2°C will have on New York, mainly because we know the president doesn’t really read anything. Simply titled Two °C, the four-minute film shows the frightening effect of climate change on New York City landmarks if the whole world follows in Trump’s footsteps and throws caution to the wind on the issue of climate change.

The French pair spoke to indy100 to discuss the two steps involved in completing the project, one that took several months to finish.

“We needed to delete all the people in the streets and the human life, then we added the water. It’s the result of 3D simulation,” they told the online publication. “The place of man in our society is one of the main themes of our work, with the theme of emptiness and abandonment, convinced of the atrophic impact on the environment. We traveled a lot and [were] convinced, too, that our planet is very fragile, but people forget too fast or do not pay attention, still today. Worse, some do not believe in climate warming.”

They also mentioned that they received a lot of comments telling them that they should’ve also included a flooded Trump Tower to really hammer the point home, however, they just hope that Trump’s withdrawal will raise more awareness of the Paris climate deal.

“We thought that Macron had a good reaction with his ‘Make the planet great again’. Communication on climate change must go on and on.”

Featured image via Menilmonde