Christian FB Page Threatens To Ban People Who Use Rainbow Emoji, Instantly Backfires

June is LGBTQ Pride month. That means that there are pride flags celebrating LGBTQ peoples across the planet popping up everywhere. This year, they have sprung up all over Facebook in the form of pride flag reaction buttons. Between reactions and flag emojis Facebook is very colorful and very proud this year.

Unfortunately, one Facebook page that belongs to a church (presumably real as they post an address on their page) called the “Warriors for Christ” decided to try and ruin everyone else’s fun when they published a post promising to ban anyone who uses the rainbow flag emoji on their page.

The original post has been taken down. Thankfully, screenshots were taken of the post by the Friendly Atheist, writing for Patheos.

Screenshot found via Patheos

The post has unleashed a mass of LGBT supporters, who are now bombarding the page with pride flag reactions and pro-LGBTQ sentiments.


The page admin(s) responded exactly as you might expect, with venom. The admins’ stupidity reached critical mass when they alluded that Satan himself had summoned LGBTQ supporters to plague them.


I couldn’t be more, well, proud of the internet’s response to such a bigoted sentiment. Living in a post-marriage-equality world, many people may think that we are also living in a post-homophobic world as well. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, 2016 was the deadliest year on record for LGBTQ individuals. Analysts have concluded that the current political climate has influenced this uptick in violence.

Now, more than ever, LGBTQ people and their allies need to stand together proudly and visibly to denounce bigotry and homophobia. As the LGBTQ rights activist, Harvey Milk once said, “If a bullet should enter my brain, let that bullet also destroy every closet door in the country.” Milk’s tactic of encouraging LGBT people to come out of the closet proved to be a very effective tactic in combating prejudices. It’s good to see the tactic has been carried over into the digital world, with millions of people showing everyone publicly that they stand with LGBTQ people.

Featured image via Warriors for Christ Facebook page logo with rainbow filter and screenshot added