Trump Tweets About His Impeachment Chances In Latest (And Perhaps Greatest) Self-Own

Nothing betrays your official narrative that your administration is functionally well and you are not a crook like tweeting assurances from Fox News that your chances of being impeached are only slim. One might argue that frantically insisting that you are probably not going to get impeached only makes the notion that you probably are all the more reasonable. No sane president would get caught doing something so desperate.

But Trump woke up and did just that.

In another humdinger to add to a series of self-owns, Trump retweeted a video of Fox News host Geraldo Rivera insisting that Trump’s chances of being impeached went from “3 percent” (a number he pulled out of thin air) to “0 percent” (another number he pulled out of thin air). In doing so, Trump inadvertently acknowledged that his chances of being impeached weren’t zero before and are only zero now if you listen to the network that operates as state media for his administration.

Trump’s self-incrimination is a nice reminder of how troubled his administration is. In an effort to spin the testimony of the former FBI director he recently inappropriately fired, he is reduced to leaning on Fox News to make the case that the hearing didn’t prove he was trying to obstruct justice (as most neutral observers noted) but actually it “vindicates” him – somehow. It’s a line of spin so patently absurd that even conservative pundits are having a hard time trumpeting it with a straight face.

Enter Rivera. The longtime shockjock is, of course, among the least reputable men in journalism. His legendary fails include botching the opening of Al Capone’s vault on live television, getting kicked out of Iraq after revealing U.S. troop positions to the enemy on live television, and saying Travyon Martin brought his murder on himself for wearing a hoodie – on live television. Put Rivera in front of a camera, broadcast it live, and chances are he will do something to humiliate himself. He has become one of Trump’s biggest defenders.

It says something about Trump’s chances of making it through his first term without being thrown out of office that he’s just a few months in and already he’s been reduced to using disreputable Fox hosts like Rivera to defend him. The fact that nobody else will risk destroying their reputation to stand up for him speaks volumes. Luckily, Trump is just dimwitted enough to keep reminding us of his precarious situation because he is fundamentally incapable of not tweeting incredibly stupid things each day.

Featured image via Michael Reynolds-Pool/Getty Images