Smirnoff Is BRILLIANTLY Trolling Donald Trump Over Russia – Prepare To Laugh

Donald Trump has claimed, rather loudly, that he’s perfectly willing to testify under oath about Russia and about James Comey. He also keeps shouting that he’s working hard to bring jobs back to the U.S., and to that end, he has put forth a “Buy American, Hire American,” initiative when he and his daughter both have products for their businesses manufactured in China and Mexico.

And Smirnoff, maker of one of the most common brands of vodka in the U.S., has decided they’re going to poke Trump on both fronts.

Witness their new, gorgeous ad campaign:

Yes, they went there. They went there hard. Smirnoff itself was originally Russian, and they discuss that history openly on their website. They’re now owned and produced by a British company called Diageo, and Smirnoff’s U.S. products are actually made in Plainfield, Illinois. So we have a brand of vodka, with Russian roots that they aren’t ashamed of, producing its U.S. drinks in the U.S., busily creating and sustaining American jobs.

Trump’s offer to testify under oath comes off more as bravado on the part of a man who can’t believe the head of the FBI didn’t bow and scrape before him than it does a genuine offer to correct the record and offer clarity into the ongoing investigations. Trump and his backers all claimed Comey vindicated him (when Comey did anything but), while at the same time calling him a liar and saying that there’s nothing to the Russia scandal at all.

Smirnoff just blew Trump out of the water with this ad campaign. It’s absolutely hilarious.

Featured image via Twitter