AZ Republican Calls Cops On Constituents Delivering Cookies, Claims They Set Cars On Fire

If anything more than a grunt passes between the lips of a Republican, one can typically be assured he or she is lying — and that was the case when a group of constituents delivered cookies to Arizona Rep. David Schweikert.

A group of citizens –members of a group called AZ Indivisible — showed up outside Schweikert’s office earlier this year hoping to bribe him into hearing their concerns. Instead, the Congressman had his staff call the police.

While we can’t be sure if he told the cops the same story he is telling his supporters, a letter his office sent out says that the cookie-delivering citizens “incite violence” and “light cars on fire” as they “clash with police” because they will “stop at no turn.”

“The left is determined to disrupt and disorganize. They are organizing new groups every single day and investing big resources neighborhood-to-neighborhood across Maricopa County,” the letter begins — then it becomes (more) insane:

Despite the Congressman’s allegations, Scottsdale police officer Kevin Watts says that “There have been no reports of violence, clashes with our officers or incidents of criminal damage associated with Representative Schweikert’s office to date.”

In other words Schweikert, like seemingly all Republicans, is a liar.

“The people belonging to the groups referenced are mostly women, mostly have more than a few years on them … The most dangerous physical weapons we have are knitting needles. But make no mistake … We vote … We are actively encouraging others to vote, and lots of us are educating ourselves on how politics works and running for office,” a member of Indivisible told The Republic. “Does this sound like people plotting violence? We are working within the system.”

Sadly, this sort of behavior is typical of Republicans: you ask them questions, you expect them to be held accountable, you try to get a little face time to discuss actual issues — and they respond by lying about you.

Featured image via screengrab