WATCH: Fox Host Chris Wallace Scolds Fox & Friends For Saying Russia Investigation Is Over

Donald Trump’s favorite morning propaganda program on Fox News just got their asses handed to them for counting their chickens before they’ve hatched.

Ever since former FBI Director James Comey confirmed that Trump is not personally under investigation for collusion with Russia, Fox News has been proclaiming victory and declaring that Trump has been vindicated.

Specifically, they have been calling the Russia investigation a “nothingburger.”

On the Sunday morning edition of Fox & Friends, hosts Clayton Morris and Pete Hegseth celebrated because they think the investigation is over now, only to have their bubble burst by veteran journalist and Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, who brutally reminded them that the investigation is nowhere near over because of a guy named Michael Flynn and another guy named Jeff Sessions.

Morris claimed that the Russia story “imploded.” Wallace responded by pointing out that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is testifying to the Senate Intelligence Committee and may detail Trump’s obstruction of justice. You know, because demanding the FBI Director drop an investigation and then firing him for refusing to do so is interference and is the definition of obstruction.

That’s when Pete Hegseth jumped in to try once again to assure viewers that the investigation against Trump is done while also insulting Comey and trying to turn the investigation on him instead.

“Little evidence has been shown that there’s collusion with Russia,” Hegseth said “Now we know that Comey was a leaker, potentially multiple times. Can the investigation move in those directions instead of the Russia investigation, which is proven to be pretty much a nothingburger?”

Wallace quickly disappointed Hegseth with reality.

“I certainly wouldn’t say it’s a nothingburger,” Wallace said. “We have to see where it goes. Among other things, we still haven’t heard from Michael Flynn. And he’s one of the key figures in all of this. He was the one who had the most contacts Russia. He’s the one who got paid by Russia.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Once again, Chris Wallace smacks down Fox & Friends for being Trump’s personal propaganda machine. Wallace previously criticized the Fox & Friends crew in the aftermath of Trump firing Comey because they would not take the story seriously.

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