Former GOP Congressman TRASHES Paul Ryan: If Trump Were A Dem, You’d Impeach Him

Now that fired FBI Director James Comey has offered explosive testimony to the Intelligence Committee of the United States Senate, Republicans are scrambling to defend Trump and try to make excuses for what could very well be obstruction of justice. Very few of them are willing to break ranks and criticize Trump, when they know damn well that if this were Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, they’d be howling for impeachment posthaste. Well, there is one Republican who is willing to call them out on it: Former Congressman Bob Inglis.

Rep. Inglis took to Twitter after a story was posted about House Speaker Paul Ryan claiming that he wouldn’t impeach a Democrat if that person were to do the same things that Trump has engaged in. In a series of tweets, Inglis trashed Ryan for lying:

Inglis is correct, of course. Elected Republicans are being craven, cowardly weasels right now. They are putting their party and their political futures ahead of their country while the nation and the world burn under Trump’s criminal behavior, rank ignorance, and stunning incompetence. Further, if this were Hillary Clinton, they know they’d be trying to find something – anything – to remove her from office. Hell, they’d do that even if she didn’t do anything wrong.
In fact, House Oversight Chair Jason Chaffetz said that he had years of investigations lined up and waiting for Hillary when it seemed sure that she would win. They’d be calling for her removal the second she took her hand off the Bible whether she did anything wrong or not. They’ve admitted as much.

In short, more elected Republicans need to grow a spine and admit the mistake they have made for the nation and the world, and do something about Donald Trump while we still have a nation left to save.

Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images