Department Of Justice Says Donald Trump Can Accept Foreign Money

The Department of Justice is now arguing that the president can take money from foreign governments. Why? The DOJ is arguing for Trump because the Citizens for Responsibilities and Ethics in Washington filed a lawsuit against Trump stating he is violating the Constitution by accepting foreign money.

According to reports, Trump is taking money from foreign governments for hotel room fees and golf club fees when traveling to different countries for affairs having to do with our country. However, CREW (Citizens for Responsibilities and Ethics in Washington) still says Trump is violating the Constitution by accepting money from different countries when traveling and they say that he should have stopped doing this before he took office.

Although CREW filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration, the Trump administration thinks that CREW lacks legal standing even to be able to file the lawsuit in the first place.

It doesn’t matter if the Trump team thinks they don’t have enough legal standing for this because CREW already filed the lawsuit against Trump and his team during his first week in office as our president.

In fact, CREW had this to say about the lawsuit that they filed against the Trump administration:

“We did not want to get to this point. It was our hope that President Trump would take the necessary steps to avoid violating the Constitution before he took office. However, he did not. His constitutional violations are immediate and serious, so we were forced to take legal action.”

Since the lawsuit by CREW was filed during his first week in office, there have been several more plaintiff’s that have come onboard against Trump. Some of these new plaintiffs added to the lawsuit against the Trump administration include some restaurant associates, restaurant workers, and even a woman who books banquet halls for hotels in Washington D.C.

Featured Image by Pool/Getty Images