WATCH: Dan Rather Explains How Close We Actually Are To A Republican Defection From Trump

It’s all over the news that President Trump’s popularity is sliding down a slippery slope, even among his Republican cronies. Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather sat down with CNN and disclosed that he is predicting some Republicans could completely defect from President Trump if his poll numbers slip below 30 percent.

“They’re afraid that he may have indeed committed some impeachable offense, and also they’re hearing from home that a lot of their constituents have increasing concerns about the Trump presidency,” Rather told CNN’s Don Lemon

 “As long as he’s able to hold that 35, 38 poll rating – you may not see that, but I repeat for emphasis, once it gets down below 30 percent, you’ll see some Republicans going the other way,” said the former CBS news host.
Despite constant controversies and dunderheaded action and remarks, GOP lawmakers keep backing him. Even with his current approval rating at 37 percent, his approval rating among Republicans remains much higher, with many excusing his mistakes as acceptable due to his lack of government experience. Dan doesn’t think this support and excuse making will continue.
Republicans are dumb, but smart enough to not go down with a sinking ship — they want to get re-elected. Watch Rather explain why Republicans are about to abandon ship:

Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images for SiriusXM