Kellyanne Conway Just Earned ‘Leaker’ Label, And She May Have Thrown Trump To The Wolves (TWEETS)

The entire Trump White House is all about cracking down on leaks that make them look bad, but perhaps Kellyanne Conway didn’t get that memo. At a party on Friday night, Politico reports that she was overheard making a series of less-than-savory comments about a few things to reporters, including something Trump told her about James Comey and whether tapes of his conversations in the White House exist. Someone at the party overheard and created a Twitter account to document the exchanges.

The account is called @KellyanneLeaks, and the conversations took place at the British Embassy during their election night party. One of the things she said, according to @KellyanneLeaks, was this:

It sounds like Trump was trying to get her to intimidate Comey on his behalf, because apparently he hasn’t already tried that enough already. “I chose to convert that to ‘no comment,’” refers to her actual statement that she could not comment on the tapes, and that Trump wouldn’t comment any further, either.

The White House was not exactly pleased about what Comey said to the Senate on Thursday, and Trump himself wasted little time in calling Comey a liar while also saying his testimony was vindicating. His lawyer has sent a complaint to the Department of Justice over Comey’s “leaked” memo, which just makes their whole position worse. And here’s Kellyanne Conway, admittedly speaking to reporters off the record, but still discussing with members of the press something Trump told her that she ultimately refused to say. She and her big mouth may still have gotten Trump in more trouble than he’s already in.

She also took aim at White House chief of staff Reince Priebus, making fun of the way he talks and what he chooses to be upset about:

The funny thing is, @KellyanneLeaks points out something quite obvious. If Trump & Co. are serious about cracking down on leaks, they should look a little closer to home than James Comey:

Of course, after this came out, Sean Spicer came to Conway’s defense and says she denied everything. She wasn’t making fun of Reince Priebus, for instance, she was making fun of reporters and the news media about how wrong they tend to get things. Yet, according to Politico, two other sources confirmed @KellyanneLeaks’ version of events.

So she may well have just thrown her boss under the wheels of a bus.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images