Trump Just Committed Obstruction Of Justice By Whining About Comey ‘Leak’ On Twitter

Donald Trump broke his Twitter silence over James Comey’s Senate testimony on Friday morning by committing an act of obstruction. NOT SMART!

During the former FBI Director’s testimony on Thursday, Trump watched as Comey slammed him for being a liar who did fire him because he refused to drop the Russia investigation.

Comey also admitted that he leaked his memos that covered conversations he had with Trump. He gave the memos to friends and instructed them to give them to the New York Times.

And Trump decided to whine about it on Twitter while also declaring that he has been vindicated.

Except that Trump has not been vindicated at all. He interfered in a federal investigation in order to save his own ass. That’s not something innocent people do.

But it turns out that Trump may have committed obstruction of justice by attacking Comey on Twitter. And alo because Trump’s White House is demanding that the Justice Department investigate Comey for the leaks.

According to whistleblower protection attorney Stephen Kohn,

“Initiating an investigation because you don’t like somebody’s testimony could be considered obstruction and in the whistleblower context, it’s both evidence of retaliation and, under some laws, could be an adverse retaliatory act itself.”

Indeed, even attacking Comey on Twitter is considered obstruction because, “This is a chilling effect on people not to talk about conversations they had with the president that are not classified as a matter of law,” Kohn said. “That is illegal — that is unconstitutional.”

In short, Trump is intimidating people to remain silent about him and what he says and does, and that’s against the law. Not everything the president says or does is classified information. Comey’s memos certainly are not classified. Plus, Comey is now a private citizen so the Justice Department has no authority over him. In short, Trump shot himself in the foot when he fired Comey.

If Trump forces the Justice Department to go after Comey, it would be a gross abuse of power designed for the sole purpose of retaliating against someone he considers an enemy. Doing such a thing would also scare other people in the government from speaking out. That’s obstruction. And Trump should be impeached for it.

Twitter even mocked Trump for being such a sore loser.

Featured Image: Win McNamee/Getty Images