Trump Declares That America ‘Worships God’ And Gets POUNDED On Twitter With The Constitution

Donald Trump shredded the First Amendment during his remarks at the Faith and Freedom Coalition on Thursday and made a total ass of himself on Twitter.

During his speech, Trump said that America will only succeed if we have “faith in our God” and declared that Americans must be “devoted to its creator” to make our country great. Unlike the Founding Fathers, who actually are responsible for creating the country we live in today, Trump pandered to conservative Christians by claiming that God created America. On Twitter, Trump thanked the organization and declared that “we worship God.”

This is a clear endorsement of Christianity by the executive branch of the United States Government, which is a violation of the Constitution and the separation of church and state.

The Constitution does not endorse any religion of deity. It gives all Americans the right to worship whomever they chose and practice whatever religion they want or none at all.

And Twitter users were quick to smack Trump down using the First Amendment as a club.

Featured Image: Ralph Freso/Getty Images