OOPS: Conservatives Lose BIGLY In UK Election After Trump Attacks London Mayor

Donald Trump’s bigoted attack against London’s mayor just backfired spectacularly.

The day after London was attacked by a terrorists, Trump launched an attack on the city’s mayor by taking his words out of context and making it sound like he’s a terrorist sympathizer just because of his name.

Trump took a lot of criticism for his unsavory attacks on the mayor in the wake of the terrorist attack. And now conservatives in London just experienced the consequences.

In a snap parliamentary election held on Thursday, UK voters booted conservatives and the extreme right-wing out of power, making it impossible for Prime Minister Theresa May to create a majority government. Trump’s remarks reportedly were partly to blame for the stunning defeat.

Brexit was also a major reason why conservatives lost the vote as young Brits flocked to ballot box to correct an error made last year when voters approved of withdrawing the United Kingdom from the European Union based on bigotry and fear of Muslims. Not only did progressive Labour leader Jeromy Corbyn win the youth vote by a landslide, more people voted in this election than they did during the Brexit vote.

This is a major victory that should scare the hell out of Republicans here in America. If the same percentage of Americans, especially American youths, vote in the 2018 Election, they are in serious trouble of losing the majority they currently have in Congress. And that spells doom for Trump as well. He will definitely be impeached if Democrats control Congress, and if he somehow survived until the 2020 Election, the trend away from right-wing extremism could make him a one-term loser.

Let’s hope what happened in the UK on Thursday crosses the pond and bites Trump and the Republican party on the ass.

Featured Image: Andrew Harrer-Pool/Getty Images