Karma Comes For Trump, Congressional Committees Want To See Comey ‘Tapes’ (TWEETS)

Donald Trump’s lies and empty threats are finally catching up to him. Just a day after the hearing of former FBI Director James Comey, Committees in Congress are announcing that they not only want to see Comey’s memos of his conversations with Trump, but they also want to see the supposed White House ‘tapes’ that Trump says exist.

The Senate Judiciary Committee released a letter to Daniel Richman, a friend of Comey who had leaked Comey’s memo to the press after receiving instruction from the former FBI Director to do so. This letter requests that Richman provide copies of every memo Comey gave him:

The Senate Judiciary Committee has asked Comey’s good friend at @ColumbiaLaw for copies of the memos Comey provided him. pic.twitter.com/kgOip24e7m

Trump is currently freaking out over this, and his own personal lawyer Marc Kasowitz will be filing a complaint about the leak in response.

In another move that will leave Trump tweeting in anger, the House Intelligence Committee put out a separate statement requesting the memo and ‘tapes’, which Trump had threatened to release to get back at Comey:

The letter demands that the tapes, “to the extent they exist now,” must be given to the committee by June 23rd.

Already, Trump is sh*tting his pants. Earlier today, Trump accused Comey of perjury, and also wouldn’t directly back up his previous statements about the tapes, which allegedly contain his conversations with Comey.

Trump may be having a meltdown over this, but Comey is likely tickled pink that the committees want to see the tapes. When Trump threatened to release the likely nonexistent tapes, Comey said:

“Lordy, I hope there are tapes.”

It’s almost certain that Trump has been lying all along, and he’s about to be exposed in a truly humiliating way.

Featured image via Pool / Getty Images