Donald Trump Just Totally Melted Down On Live Television (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has been having a rough time lately and things came to a head on Thursday when James Comey testified before Congress regarding the “president’s” attempts to obstruct justice. Judging by Friday’s press conference, it seems that things are really starting to get to Trump.

During a press conference with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, Trump completely melted down on live television. He debated out loud whether to call on “one of the killer networks” who are so mean to him with their “fake news” and finally called on the Washington Times‘ Dave Boyer and warned him to be nice.

Boyer asked Trump about Comey’s testimony, wondering if there really are tapes that could settle the whole obstruction of justice matter. Trump responded just as you would expect him to.

No collusion, no obstruction. He’s a leaker,” Trump said.

He then implied that Comey had committed perjury, lying to Congress about him while under oath. “Frankly, James Comey confirmed a lot of what I said, and some of the things that he said just weren’t true,” he said, seemingly wanting it both ways. Trump denied Comey’s accusation that he had pressured the FBI director to drop the investigation into Mike Flynn’s Russian ties and asked him to pledge loyalty. But he added that it would have been okay to do even if he had, which he hadn’t. (Insert eye roll here.)

Boyer then asked the “president” if he would testify under oath to tell his side of the story and Trump said that he would be “100 percent” willing to do so. But the rest of Trump’s answer was enough to make the entire country do a collective facepalm.

I hardly know the man. I’m not going to say I want you to pledge allegiance. Who would do that? Who would ask a man to pledge allegiance under oath? I mean think of it? I hardy know the man. It doesn’t make sense. No, I didn’t say that and I didn’t say the other.

For the record, it was at this point that everyone sitting in the room watching the press conference with me screamed, “YOU” at the television. Trump also promised that we would be hearing more about the alleged tapes in a “short period of time.”

Trump is losing it. His temper tantrums on live tv just prove that his tenuous grasp on reality is slipping under the pressure.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images