Blumenthal: It ‘Could Be Perjury’ If Sessions Hid A Third Meeting With The Russians (VIDEO)

Sen. Richard Blumenthal was deeply disturbed by James Comey’s testimony that Attorney General Jeff Sessions was hiding a third meeting with the Russians. During an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett on Thursday, Blumenthal said that if what Comey revealed is true, it “could be perjury.”

“I can’t confirm what may have been provided in a classified setting, but with a third meeting, even without it, what we have is a pattern of contacts with the Russians by (Michael) Flynn, by Sessions, by (Jared) Kushner — secret and then concealed,” Blumenthal said.

It “could be perjury,” he added.

Following the open hearing, Comey testified behind closed doors where he was able to discuss classified information. In this closed door hearing, Comey revealed that Sessions had met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak a third time during the campaign and concealed it.

Blumenthal said that Sessions is “emerging more and more as a key figure” in the investigation into Russia’s interference in our presidential election.

“Not only because of his problematic contact with Russians,” he said, “but also because he failed to safeguard and protect the FBI as part of the Department of Justice when he learned about the meeting in which the President of the United States in effect had inappropriate conversations with Director Comey.”

No wonder Comey didn’t feel comfortable going to the Department of Justice with his concerns that Trump was trying to stop him from continuing the Russia investigation. Sessions’ hands are turning out to be just as dirty as Trump’s… and Mike Flynn’s… and Paul Manafort’s… and Carter Page’s… and Jared Kushner’s. Blumenthal sees the pattern here. I clearly see it. Even my grade schooler can see it. How the f*ck are Republicans still managing to stay so willfully ignorant?

You can watch Blumenthal’s interview here, via CNN:

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