This Lawyer Just Obliterated The GOP’s Interpretation Of Comey’s Remarks (TWEETS)

Lawyers, especially on Twitter, like giving their own legal opinions on things to their followers. Some of them will try and explain legal matters happening in the nation’s capital, and they don’t always agree, but they always have insight for us laypeople. Seth Abramson, one such lawyer, has been tweeting threads explaining some of what’s happening, and he just posted one that’s pretty damning for the GOP.

The GOP is calling Comey’s testimony a win for Trump. The fact that they would be so obviously false is just amazing, and not in an “I didn’t expect this,” way. Abramson calls them out on that by rehashing Comey’s testimony in a series of 21 tweets. Two particular tweets allude to the GOP’s, and Trump’s, insistence that Comey proved Trump was not under investigation today:

Comey testified that he wouldn’t tell the world that he told Trump he was not personally under investigation because he didn’t want to create “a duty to correct” the record later. If he publicly stated that Trump wasn’t under investigation, and that changed, he’d have to correct the record. He went down that road with Hillary Clinton’s email investigation. He knew where it led. He didn’t want to further damage the FBI’s credibility by going down that road again.

None of that changes the fact that Special Prosecutor Mueller is investigating Trump for obstruction of justice – a probe that includes Comey’s contemporaneous memos.

Then there’s this, which the GOP hasn’t yet addressed and seems to have completely forgotten:

As far as Comey’s testimony goes, Trump was only concerned about himself. As Comey put it, “[W]e’re talking about a foreign government using technical intrusion and lots of other methods tried to shape the way we think, we vote, we act… And people need to recognize that… They’re coming after America.”

Someone needs to ask why Trump doesn’t find that concerning.

Abramson brings up a major, solid point about Comey’s behavior during his testimony. While he answered some questions with “I don’t know,” and, “I’m not sure,” he also had a very strong recollection of the meeting in the Oval Office that prompted him to ask Jeff Sessions to not leave him alone with Trump again:

Abramson’s final take on Comey’s testimony today is that we got far more damaging information today than we did yesterday, despite more fireworks being launched during yesterday’s hearing. You can read the entire thread here.

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