Ted Cruz Gets Cut Off Mid-Speech At Conservative Conference And Even CSPAN Is Mocking Him (VIDEO)

This last week has been an seemingly unending stream of terrifying, disturbing news about Trump and his administration. Adding to the mental instability and emotional immaturity of Trump, Republicans have renewed their push to strip 24 million Americans of healthcare. So it is with great relief that we can take a breather from all the terror to enjoy a moment of national unity… in laughing at Ted Cruz.

The Texas senator and one-time Republican presidential candidate was attending the conservative “Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference.” He was not the headliner, that distinction went to the man who once called his wife ugly and suggested he had dirt on her that he would leak to the press. The headliner was also the guy who once accused Ted’s dad of helping assassinate John F. Kennedy. The headliner was the guy Ted Cruz called a “pathological liar” and a “sniveling coward” – and the same guy who Cruz eventually endorsed for president.

Cruz had to play second fiddle to Trump.

But Cruz’s humiliation at the Faith and Freedom event was only getting started. During what was meant to be a fiery speech, Cruz was starting to hit his stride when suddenly… the announcer broke in, applause broke out, and a new speaker walked on to the stage. Cruz, looking confused and slightly hurt, was literally played off stage to music.

CSPAN, the government-provided channel not known for its humor, even caught the moment and blasted it out to Twitter, signalboosting Cruz’s embarrassment.

The result was nothing short of incredible, giving humanity the precious gift of this incredible moment:

As Cruz wandered slowly off stage, the next speaker just moved on without even addressing the awkwardness. Cruz, robbed of yet another moment to shine, had to watch in the wings for the next hour or so until the headliner came out onto stage.

Featured image via C-SPAN