Trump Stops Infrastructure Speech To Go Off The Rails About Democrats (VIDEO)

Donald Trump once again decided to waste precious speech time to bore Americans with how hard his life is – and what he said is absolutely ridiculous.

On Wednesday, Trump gave a speech on infrastructure in Cincinnati, Ohio. Like many of his previous speeches, Trump proved that he is unable to stay focused for more than a few minutes, and he displayed his short attention span by getting completely off topic and complaining about how Democrats have supposedly obstructed him.

Trump began by ignoring the fact that he’s about to get rocked by his Russia scandal, as he pretended that “a new era of American prosperity is about to begin, and you see it, it’s already beginning.” Then, as with any Trump speech, several minutes were spent bashing former President Barack Obama. Trump said:

“To achieve our full economic strength, we must repeal and replace Obamacare.”

“Now it is time for the Senate, Mitch McConnell working very hard to act and save Americans from this catastrophic event, because Obamacare is dead. Obamacare was one of the biggest broken promises in the history of politics.”

Clearly, Trump is choosing not to recognize the fact that Trumpcare, more formally known as the American Health Care Act, failed miserably while Americans still overwhelmingly prefer Obamacare. In fact, it was Trump’s own disastrous health care plan that helped more Americans than ever voice their appreciation for Obamacare!

Trump then completely derailed to blast Democrats for not supporting him and being “obstructionists” as he turned his infrastructure speech into a pity party of one:

“That’s why I am calling on all the Democrats, who honestly have really been obstructionists. Boy, have they tried. Every single thing. On healthcare, I won’t get one vote on health care, Obamacare is crashing, it’s dead, it is in a death spiral as the head of one of the biggest insurance companies said, it is in a death spiral. We are coming out to do good, not to do bad, to do good. We won’t get one Democrat vote. They are just obstructionists, every single thing is obstruction.”

Trump is literally acting like the Republican Party didn’t obstruct Obama for the entire 8 years of his presidency. It’s absolutely pathetic. You can watch Trump feel sorry for himself below:

Featured image via Pool / Getty Images