Mike Pence Abruptly Bails On PBS Interview, Crumbles Under Russia Pressure (TWEETS)

If Donald Trump and his team are trying to pretend that everything is fine and nothing’s wrong, they’re not doing a very good job.

Earlier today, Trump kicked off the morning by indulging in his habitual Twitter habit whenever he’s nervous about something. Providing a distraction from former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony, Trump decided to announce his pick for a new FBI Director — signaling that Trump is nervous as hell and desperate to take the heat off the Russia scandal. It turns out, his Vice President is also freaking out.

Apparently, Mike Pence reacted to the release of Comey’s opening statement by abruptly cancelling a scheduled interview – literally right before it was supposed to happen! Now, Pence is cowering and has gone into hiding. Here’s what went down, according to PBS:

Pence bailed with no warning whatsoever!

Comey’s released opening statement has clearly taken the White House by surprise, and everyone’s in panic mode now. The White House has been on media lockdown since the release of the statement, and Pence’s response surely raised suspicions.

Pence, without a doubt, cancelled that interview so he wouldn’t have to answer questions about Comey – because he could not only further incriminate Trump, but himself as well. Despite the fact that most of the focus has been on Trump, Pence is also in big trouble because of the Russia scandal. Trump’s entire administration is in danger if he goes down.

What happens tomorrow during Comey’s testimony will likely change the entire direction of the Russia scandal, and it already looks as if it is going to mean bad news for Trump. All of the warning signs and red flags are present, and everyone close to Trump is now running for the hills. For Pence to cancel this interview certainly means something fishy is happening, and most of us can’t wait to find out.

Featured image via Alex Wong / Getty Images