GOP Candidate Completely Screws Up And Admits What Republicans Are Really About (VIDEO)

It’s hardly a well-kept secret. Forty years of Republican policies have proven that they don’t give a crap about the people who voted them in. Progressives know that, but there are still millions of people who are buying the GOP lie. Now, a GOP candidate for Congress is under fire for being honest. She told a debate crowd on Tuesday that the difference between Democrats and Republicans is that Republicans don’t care whether people are able to make a living, even if they work full-time.

In a televised debate just two weeks ahead of the high-profile special election that will fill the vacant House seat in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District, Republican Karen Handel delivered her opponent what one commentator called a “gift-wrapped present” Tuesday night by declaring her opposition to a livable wage.

“I do not support a livable wage,” she said, adding that this is “an example of the fundamental difference between a liberal and a conservative.”

No, that was not out of context. She doesn’t think the people who serve our food or the people who sell you your necessities or the people who care for your children are worthy of having a living wage, and it’s not just her. It’s the entire Republican Party.

Here she is saying it:

Did you catch her contradicting herself? She wants fewer regulations and lower taxes so small businesses can create well-paying jobs, but to her, apparently, well-paying doesn’t need to be enough to live on. Also, there’s the fact that wages and regulations do not correlate.

If Twitter is any indication, she might have just put the final nail in her own electoral coffin. If there’s anything Republicans hate, it’s honesty.

Then again, Republicans are heartless and the people who will be voting for her don’t give a sh*t about anyone. Republicans don’t believe hard-working Americans deserve a home, food, childcare or healthcare. Corporations, and the wealthy, though, need their tax cuts — and an extra subsidy on top of that. The truth is that if a business won’t pay living wages, taxpayers end up making up the difference through public benefits like food stamps.

This particular election has become a symbolic referendum on Donald Trump and in Republicans in general. That district is generally considered a Republican stronghold, but with ineffective and corrupt leadership in D.C., the Democratic candidate, Jon Ossoff has a decent chance of winning. While it’s too early to get polls from last night’s debate, Ossoff’s odds are looking much better.

Featured image via WSBTV video screen capture